Finalist 2023
15 days
Bus, House-Boat,


To find magic in every day and eternity in the ordinary
Where whispers of nature blend effortlessly
Open wide the minds and watch the colours intertwine
As the hues of hope meld with the shades of understanding,
We become artists painting the canvas of life
With vibrant strokes and the rhythm of love
For in these sacred spaces, we are transformed
Where every moment becomes an immortal dance
And so let the courtyard of the world make us human all over again

Find out in video the itinerary of the travel designed by Kshitij Anthwal

What does Travel Komorebi mean?

Komorebi is a term for that moment when the sunlight filters through the leaves of trees. Essentially, travel komorebi is about seeking out and experiencing the beauty of nature while on a journey or trip. It involves immersing oneself in natural environments and appreciating the interplay between light, shadows, and the natural world. Travel komorebi can embody different experiences for different people. Some may find it by exploring lush forests, hiking through mountains, or strolling along serene beaches. Others may seek it by visiting botanical gardens, national parks, or even urban green spaces.
Travel komorebi project embraces the fascinating interplay between humans and nature. »


In the aromatic heart of India’s southern jewel, Kerala, awaits unparalleled an journey, a remarkable interplay between humans and nature.
Our voyage, ‘Travel Komorebi,’ immerses you in rich, verdant landscapes that whisper the ancient secrets of the environment and human coexistence. This all-accommodating travel adventure invites you into a realm where the boundaries between the ephemeral and the enduring blur, where ecotourism dances with spirituality, culture, and regenerative practices to create a tapestry of experiences. 
Expect the unexpected, witness the unseen, and feel the pulse of a diverse world that thrives sustainability, and on inclusion, creativity. Your journey with us is not just an affair with nature; it is spiritual love letter, a penned by the timeless currents of Kerala’s rich heritage and French affinities.

Motivations and reasons of this project


« In a world preoccupied with chasing shadows, the Travel Komorebi experience illuminates the path less travelled. We are motivated by the potential radiating from beaming local smiles, indomitable spirits, cultural heritage, and ecosystems that have stood the test of time. Travel Komorebi is not just a sojourn, but a personal awakening, a transition from observance to involvement, a passage from superficial glances to the heart of authenticity. »


  • Decentralized Tourism: Inspired by Kerala Tourism’s STREET project, the trip aims to reduce tourist concentration and shift the focus to less explored, yet culturally rich, thematic zones in Kerala.
  • Environmental Conservation: Protecting natural habitats and ecosystems forms the bedrock of the travel experience, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and respect for nature.
  • Cultural Preservation & Promotion: The PEPPER project’s principles guide us to unearth and endorse unexplored destinations while safeguarding the vibrant ecological and cultural fabric of Kerala.
  • Community Empowerment & Development: Through our inclusive travel methodology, we seek not just to showcase but to contribute towards rural development and uphold the rights of local communities.
  • Immersive Experiential Travel: This trip offers unique blend of adventure, creativity, cultural, spiritual, and inspirational encounters, with every  journey aimed at creating unforgettable memories and experiences.
  • Shared Heritage & Affinity: The undeniably intriguing connection between French and Kerala heritage provides an additional layer of depth to the travel experience, echoing in the shared past and resonating commitment towards a sustainable future.
  • Holistic Development: With an emphasis on the environment, local communities, and cultural heritage, the trip ensures a comprehensive and balanced approach to tourism development in Kerala.

Remember, each step you take is a narrative in the tapestry of this trip’s story, each breath a symbiotic pledge with nature, and each moment a celebration of human resilience and adaptability.



Welcome to Travel Komorebi,

Your sanctuary , the cradle of coexistence between humanity and nature.


Economic Responsibility (Element of Earth):

By supporting local economies, we can create jobs and improve livelihoods, supporting communities and ensuring a sustainable future. This is the foundation of responsible tourism – just as the earth provides the resources we need to us with the thrive, we must give back to the earth and those who inhabit it by supporting local economies through the purchase of goods and services from local suppliers.

Social Inclusion
(Element of Love):

Love is a universal language that transcends barriers and brings people together. By equality and inclusion, promoting we can involve marginalised communities in the management of tourism activities and ensure fair treatment for all workers in the tourism industry. 

Environmental Impact (Element of Air):

Like the air we environment nourishes breathe, the us and provides us with the natural beauty that makes our travels so special. We must protect it by encouraging practices that minimise negative impacts reduction, on it, such optimised as energy waste and water management, biodiversity preservation and the use of low technology. 

Cultural Respect (Element of Fire):

Just as fire ignites passion and inspires creativity, respect for cultures allows local customs and traditions to be valued. By raising awareness and appreciation of these and avoiding activities that harm or compromise them, we may can rekindle the burning fires of these cultural riches.

Good Governance (Element of Water):

Water is a powerful force, as is good governance. By partnering with local authorities and implementing effective management systems, we aim to promote transparency accountability, ensuring responsible tourism practices are followed. 

Your itinerary

CHAPTER 1 : Experience the Cultural Shock (Day 1 – 3)

(Cultural, Immersive, Regenerative, Responsible)

Discover what makes Kerala, GOD’S OWN COUNTRY.
Experience an eco-living environment along the route that are transforming their surroundings with Responsible and regenerative impact.


  • Take part in workshops & discussions with the locals about local issues, discover sustainable & local solutions like low techs.
  • Clean plastic waste in rivers and re-purpose it to create plastic beads for road construction.
  • Learn the art of frugal crafting with some of the oldest generational crafters. Learn ancient skills & techniques.
  • Immerse yourself in Kerala cuisine and discover the relevance of Ayurvedic cooking for your body. Awaken your mind, body and soul with Ayurvedic massage.
  • The Kerala Legend Trails is a spectacular journey through time, uncovering secrets of Kerala’s rich history!


Eco-Housing, House-Boat


Bus, House-Boat, Cycle, Bamboo boats, E-TukTuk

CHAPTER 2 : The Road less taken (Day 4 – 8)

Cultural, Immersive, Eco-Tourism, Regenerative, Responsible

Discover the local way of life in harmony with nature, only leave positive footprints during the tour, and help local people preserve and develop their traditions.

  • Visit tea museum, participate in tea harvesting with local workers and end your day watching the sunset in a hot air balloon while sipping local tea.
  • Observe the wildlife animals up close and contribute to protecting endangered species.
  • Participate in Kalari Martial Arts workshop, a traditional Indian art, originated from Kerala state that will bring out the warrior within.
  • Discover the festival of Onam in the beautiful hills of Munnar and immerse with the local communities.
  • Strengthen your knowledge of plants and create your own blend of medicinal juices while boosting local economy.


 Camping, Homestay


Bus, Cycle, Bamboo Boats 

CHAPTER 3 : The Inspiration of Life (Day 9 – 15)

Cultural, Immersive, Eco-Tourism, Regenerative, Spiritual, Inspirational

Meet inspiring people along the final route that will not only bring you joy but inspire you with their true love for nature.


  • Discover the soil regeneration program initiated by Sadhguru and learn about the new methods and skills.
  • Take some time to connect with consciousness, explore your body and soul while taking a yoga class right under the eyes of lord Shiva.
  • Lose yourself while watching an epic 3D light show projected on the tallest sculpture ever made by humans on Earth: Adiyogi.
  • Climb the Highest Mountain in the Western Ghats, South India. Collect any plastics on the way in order to re-purpose them for low techs.
  • Create beautiful coconut tree objects to bring back home and teach your family and friend the art of leaf crafting.
  • Learn about the story of the first elephant whisperers, discover their needs, problems and learn more about the local traditions.


 Camp, Eco-Lodge, Homestay


Bus, Toy Train, Cycle, Bamboo Boats, E-TukTuk

carbon emission audit

For the Travel Komorebi Project, we carefully audited our carbon emission metrics. Here are the details:


  • Total CO2eq Emissions for the trip: 252.3 KG (without plane)
  • Total Distance Traveled: 1522 KM
  • Total Number of Days: 15
  • CO2eq Emissions Per Day: 16.82 KG
  • CO2eq Emissions Per Kilometer: 0.16 KG

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